“Home is where my heart and mind live”

“Home is where I feel to be alive”

“Home is there where dreams live and grow”

“Home is there where courage comes to me”

“Home is the place where I can be me”

“Home is the place for reload batteries”

“Home is where I can explore everything”

“Home is every where where I am”

Where are you from: Finland and from town/city named Kuopio.

Where do you live: In this moment Gävle at Sweden.

Where is your home: Hmm how to explain this. I have my home town Kuopio and it will be always one of my homes. I live at Gävle, Sweden. Also one of my homes. I have lived at Vierumäki, Tampere and Kouvola. I have had relation ship with man from Germany and my holidays were mostly there. All places have been home for me. Last summer I was staying at my friends apartment about 2,5 week in longest period. Even that I was calling to be home. I have spend many summers at skating camps or any other camps. Those have been my home too for that moment.

I have moved during my lifetime 13 times. Most of them in side of 40km each others. Three years my home was between three places. There have been also some years that I have lived between two houses.

I have three flags going with me where I move my stuff. Each of them are countries where I have feel to be home and spend time more than just some weeks as a holiday.

One of my friends was writing for me yesterday “… you are made to move” And I was joking that I have shoes made by tin and like one Finnish song is saying street are melted lava .. so I have to keep on moving. (at least now)

Some times I envy those peoples who seems to know where they belong and have found their places to stay. Or they know where they are going to! I’m still try to find my place and way to go. I know some day I will find the way but I’m not yet there.

Have you ever been at the situation that you need to explain for others why you are still wandering around?  Why you don’t have husband/Wife? If you wanna make kids it should be soon! You should do this and that? Why you aren’t there or here ? Then you try to explain that you don’t know and just haven’t find it yet. Then you get some lectrure what you should do. Not nice. I don’t know why it’s so wrong to live life bit different?

My life have been so much moving around that I feel that I need some big miracle to settle down. Some really big reason or something witch bring for me same pleasure than seeing new things and learning new. Kinda I feel pleased that I have that gift to go new place and with small things I can get feel my self like being home. Same time I feel to be lost because mostly everyone want to know where are you going to?  what you will do?

Leaving is never easy because it’s means good byes. Then there is that excitement of next adventure too. Feeling to be free. That is quite cool. At least for the moment.

My home will be again be somewhere else in this summer and after that too. I have not yet any clue where it will be. It will be somewhere anyway. Let see ! Hopefully something new to see and learn! It’s have been great experience and adventure be here. I am Thankful of all things here !

Now I take a look to further and looking all my options. Looking new home! 🙂


With Love: Hennette



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