What could happen if I wrote everyday three (3) positive things to my diary and only one (1) “bad thing” so what is currently or that day bothering me. Only exception are that I will write also how to handle that thing (maybe). Extra is some “ahaa” moments if I realize anything important from my thinking or my life. What could happen to my life?

This starts to sound some self care book but it’s isn’t. Have I had some rough times last two years? .. yes. Wast it last half year even harder? Yes. Do I want to enjoy my life ? Yes. Do I want to be happy? Yes. Do I know I will fail many times ? Yes. Do I want to reach my dreams even it could be hard ? Yes. Do I want to go forward in my life ? Definitely YES! So I was starting to think what I could do for it ? And other had I started to be full of thinking what life have thrown on me and chance my own way tho think my life. So I started this project with my self.

It was about two weeks or little bit over when I did started. I decided that I will do it at least one week and after that continue as long as it feels good. So I’m not making it one thing more to stress for my self. Some days could be that I have write exactly that day and some days didn’t write but at least next day I did. How this experience have affected to my life until now?

First week was feeling more positive most of the time. Of course there was some bad moment or days too but it was still more positive. Maybe it is because I was more engaged to do that in mentality and thinking during the day that this could be one positive thing today’s list.

Second week s I can still say that I have been more positive. Even that I was more lacking this thing and leaved some evenings without writing. I think that is because I have to think more what is positive in my life and it’s slowly will make me more positive. Maybe more smiling or more calm personality. Normally I have to be doing anything that I’m not getting bored. Last four days at summer cottage was  “boring” but kinda ok also. I have even enjoyed my time more there. Some days literally doing nothing special and mostly just being, reading, watching anything, enjoining nature and eat well.


How about those “bad things” .. if we jump backwards some years or months. I was noticed that if I was writing diary it was mostly always when something was wrong. Then I find those diary’s when I was moving in last spring. It wasn’t so nice to read and remember those things anymore. So what I was doing.. burning most of them. If I don’t remember those things what have been not so good at that point of life I don’t need to remember it anymore ! So now I was decided to do anything differently. I decided to do it for me harder and if I wrote anything what have been annoying or irritating me in day I need to think why? And what I could do for it? If there is anyth what to do? If there is nothing what I can do then how I can survive from it better? So not just complaining but also trying to solve it.

How this have helped. Those evenings have been more calm to go sleep. I can’t be sure but how I see thing it’s that my mind is more calm after going trough it and get settled that I can handle it.

This is not only thing in my life where I have trying to make some changes. There is some other where I want to improve my self too. Even that normally people say that “oh you are so positive person” and it’s kinda true too. Because normally I’m and I see most of the time good in many things.  Anyway I have had bad days more in year. There is meny things what was changing me to be more like this but also there is always anything good  in bad. It was making me to wake up to improve my self and I can hope to be better in many ways after all. Again. I think change is not easy but I can do it if I’m patient enough to go it trough. I’m on my way let see what will be my out come.

I know change is not easy to do because mind have settled in this “bad” place and it’s weird how it try to stay there because it’s normal already. I know also that everything is possible if just believe hard enough and do anything for it. I believe !

So I will continue my project and if you like to try it too I can encourage you to do it . If you try it .. it would be more than nice to hear some other person experiences too. So will you let me know ? 🙂


Here is some Pros and Cons from my weeks. Not any order and nothing really specifics but some anyway ! 🙂 

Pros (Not any order) : Nature, Friends and contacting any how, Family, writing, Music, Colleagues and contact, Mökki (summer cottage), Sauna and Showering, Emails (nice ones), Dogs, Relatives, Good food, dates, Playing, Sport, Events, Cruise, Shopping, rain, Sun, Wind, Stars, Short films, Movies, reading, Skating, Working, clean clothes, bar or clubbing , learning languages … etc. 

Cons (not any order) : feeling bored, work things, Terrorist, madness, cold, bad day, future, relation ships, past, curent moment,…etc. 

Pictures are from nice places or events .. from happy moments ! ❤

With Love : Hennette

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